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The products presented here are part of the sales offer that Horn Distribution makes available to its business partners.

If you are a final consumer and not one of our business partners, and you have found a product in this section that you are interested in, you can contact the nearest dealer from our list to order this particular product.

The products are brand new, fully functional and complete. We only allow for damage or soiling of the product's outer packaging due to prolonged storage, but this will not affect the performance of the unit. We offer a full two year manufacturer's warranty on these products with full service support.

The products are offered to business partners at very attractive prices. These prices are reference prices. The final selling price of products from the Outlet is determined by the retailer offering them.



Antenna Adapter F-Connector

13.00 £ 19.00 £
10.83 £
PRICE (excl. VAT)
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